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Tue Feb 2000:21Hosmer's deal leaves Padres with overstuffed outfield
Mon Feb 1922:21Diamondbacks, Dyson agree to $7.5 million, 2-year deal
Mon Feb 1920:31Moreland, Red Sox gird for Stanton, Judge, grid-like Yankees
Mon Feb 1920:31Nats star Harper focused on 2018 season, not future beyond
Mon Feb 1920:11Hosmer's deal leaves Padres with overstuffed outfield
Mon Feb 1919:51Brewers star Braun ready for grounders at first base
Mon Feb 1919:31Dodgers glad to be back at work, away from World Series talk
Mon Feb 1919:01AP source: JD Martinez, Red Sox agree to $110M, 5-year deal
Mon Feb 1918:31Chipper on Braves spring competition : 'It's a free-for-all'
Mon Feb 1918:11Trout hopes upcoming Angels' season can match his offseason
Mon Feb 1917:51Motte returns to Cardinals, hopes to earn bullpen spot
Mon Feb 1917:21Watson, Giants finalize deal that guarantees $9 million
Mon Feb 1916:51Derek Jeter's blueprint begins to take shape at Marlins camp
Mon Feb 1915:01Derek Jeter's blueprint begins to take shape at Marlins camp
Mon Feb 1915:01Joey Votto eager for Reds to turn corner, start winning
Mon Feb 1910:31Cubs' Rizzo rejoins team after mournful Florida trip
Mon Feb 1901:41Later spring training starts means some players are fresher
Sun Feb 1818:12Harrison wants to win, no matter what team he's playing on
Sun Feb 1818:11Giants giving former sparkplug Gregor Blanco another shot
Wed Feb 1418:39As Martinez questions swirl, optimistic D-backs open camp
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