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Sun Feb 1818:21Dodgers back to work, months after falling a game short
Sun Feb 1818:14Mariners LHP Paxton aims for repeat performance, only longer
Sun Feb 1818:14Rays acquire 1B Cron; designate OF Dickerson for assignment
Sun Feb 1818:14Rays send righty Odorizzi to Twins for prospect
Sun Feb 1818:14Reports: Hosmer, Padres agree to 8-year, $144 million deal
Sun Feb 1818:13AP source: Hosmer, Padres reach preliminary eight-year deal
Sun Feb 1818:12Rajai Davis back with Indians with big memory of huge homer
Sun Feb 1818:12Ellsbury says he hasn't been asked to waive no-trade clause
Sun Feb 1818:12Mets GM says, yes, he thinks Tim Tebow will play in majors
Sun Feb 1818:12Hosmer's departure leaves big void at first base for Royals
Sun Feb 1818:11Red Sox re-sign Eduardo Nunez for infield insurance
Sun Feb 1818:11Angels sign veteran sluggers Chris Carter, Chris Young
Sun Feb 1818:11Giants giving former sparkplug Gregor Blanco another shot
Wed Feb 1419:49Royals scout kicked out as unusual free-agent camp opens
Wed Feb 1419:39Royals scout kicked out as unusual free-agent camp opens
Wed Feb 1418:19Stars back on the field as pitchers, catchers begin workouts
Wed Feb 1418:09NL champion Dodgers getting started again with familiar 5
Wed Feb 1417:29Ohtani begins with Angels to great fanfare, expectations
Wed Feb 1417:09Bud Norris, Cardinals finalize $3 million, 1-year contract
Wed Feb 1416:49Baltimore Orioles have much uncertainty in pitching rotation
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