Detail: Steven Duggar

TeamGiantsPositionCFDepth 1st at CF
BatsLThrowsRRoto Transactions
Roto StatusFree AgentPro StatusActive


Total MLB411413611122201751101010.255.303.390.318
2018 Projections
RV Current1553177517351392784332111.238.310.363.300

2018 Game Log

2018-08-28v AriCF300000100010000.
2018-08-27v AriCF310010120000000.333.3331.333.667
2018-08-26v TexCF310100020000000.333.3331.000.533
2018-08-25v TexCF420000000000000.500.500.500.450
2018-08-24v TexCF520000000000000.400.400.400.360
2018-08-23@ NYMCF200000101010000.000.333.000.317
2018-08-22@ NYMCF400000010000000.
2018-08-21@ NYMPH100000000000000.
2018-08-20@ NYMCF300000000000000.
2018-08-19@ CinCF422000100000000.500.5001.000.625
2018-08-18@ CinCF200000000000000.
2018-08-17@ CinCF411000100000000.250.250.500.312
2018-08-15@ LADCF000000000000000.
2018-08-14@ LADCF400000000000000.
2018-08-13@ LADCF420001102000000.500.500.500.800
2018-08-12v PitCF320000100000000.667.667.667.600
2018-08-11v PitCF300000000000000.
2018-08-10v PitCF411000120011000.250.400.500.312
2018-08-09v PitCF421000020000000.500.500.750.537
2018-08-07v HouCF400000000000000.
2018-08-06v HouCF300000000000000.
2018-08-04@ AriCF420010210000000.500.5001.250.725
2018-08-03@ AriCF410000000000000.
2018-08-02@ AriCF310000010010000.333.500.333.400
2018-07-31@ SDCF100000000110000.000.500.000.100
2018-07-30@ SDCF400000001010000.
2018-07-29v MilCF200000010010010.
2018-07-28v MilCF310000000010000.333.500.333.400
2018-07-27v MilCF410000000000000.
2018-07-26v MilCF321001110010000.667.7501.000.938
2018-07-25@ SeaCF410000000000000.
2018-07-24@ SeaCF420000101000000.500.500.500.512
2018-07-22@ OakPR,CF100000100000000.
2018-07-21@ OakCF500000000000000.
2018-07-20@ OakCF410000100000000.
2018-07-15v OakCF300000000000000.
2018-07-14v OakCF422000210000000.500.5001.000.625
2018-07-13v OakCF422000320010000.500.6001.000.640
2018-07-11v ChCCF610000010000000.
2018-07-09v ChCCF510000000000000.
2018-07-08v StLCF621000100000000.333.333.500.358

Recent News

Mon Dec 1023:01Posey could be limited early, should return to 100 percent
Thu Aug 3002:25Giants center fielder Duggar goes on DL with shoulder injury
Wed Aug 2921:55Giants center fielder Duggar goes on DL with shoulder injury
Wed Aug 2920:55Giants center fielder Duggar goes on DL with shoulder injury
Wed Aug 2901:55Phillies lose on pinch-running pitcher's miscue
Tue Aug 2802:55Morales' home run streak ends at 7 as O's beat Blue Jays 7-0
Tue Aug 2801:25Morales' home run streak ends at 7 as O's beat Blue Jays 7-0
Sun Aug 2623:45Morales homers in 7th straight game as Jays fall to Phillies
Sun Aug 2620:15Morales homers in 7th straight game as Jays fall to Phillies
Fri Aug 1001:33Giancarlo Stanton, Yankees overpower Rangers 7-3
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Sun Aug 500:41Baseball Capsules
Sun Jul 2900:24J.D. Martinez hit his major league-leading 32nd homer
Sat Jul 2823:54J.D. Martinez hit his major league-leading 32nd homer
Thu Jul 2602:13Versatile reliever Romo helps Rays hold off Yanks, 3-2
Thu Jul 2600:43Versatile reliever Romo helps Rays hold off Yanks, 3-2
Wed Jul 2522:33Versatile Romo helps hold off Yanks for 3-2 win
Wed Jul 2501:43Marte, Polanco, Bell HR; Bucs beat Indians for 11th straight
Sat Jul 1401:58Syndergaard wins for Mets in return from disabled list
Sat Mar 2418:10National League West capsules
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