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Total MLB29117317051191321100110.265.326.453.345
2018 Projections
RV Current1574691262041516448247370335.269.321.424.333

2018 Game Log

2018-05-27@ BosRF310000100010000.333.500.333.400
2018-05-26@ BosRF530010110000000.600.6001.200.760
2018-05-25@ BosRF510000100000000.
2018-05-23@ PhiLF400000000000000.
2018-05-22@ PhiLF521000010000000.400.400.600.430
2018-05-21@ PhiLF400001000000000.
2018-05-20v MiaLF,CF420000130000010.500.400.500.360
2018-05-19v MiaLF300000100010000.
2018-05-18v MiaLF400000000000000.
2018-05-16v ChCLF420000110000000.500.500.500.450
2018-05-15v ChCLF310010110010000.333.5001.333.675
2018-05-14@ ChCLF400000000010000.
2018-05-13@ MiaLF211000101020000.500.7501.000.725
2018-05-12@ MiaLF510000100000000.
2018-05-11@ MiaLF400000000000000.
2018-05-10@ MiaLF510000100010000.200.333.200.267
2018-05-09@ TBLF300000100000100.
2018-05-08@ TBLF410010110000000.250.2501.000.500
2018-05-06v SFLF420000100000000.500.500.500.450
2018-05-05v SFLF400000100000000.
2018-05-04v SFLF400000000000000.
2018-05-03@ NYMLF530010110100000.600.6001.200.660
2018-05-02@ NYMLF500000000000000.
2018-05-01@ NYMLF521000100000000.400.400.600.430
2018-04-29@ PhiLF322000011020000.667.8001.333.830
2018-04-28@ PhiLF300000000010000.
2018-04-27@ PhiLF421000010000000.500.500.750.537
2018-04-26@ CinLF431010220000000.750.7501.7501.038
2018-04-25@ CinLF510000100000000.

Recent News

Mon Jun 1803:16Like last year's Twins, young Braves ahead of schedule
Thu May 3121:08Braves recall OF Bourjos from Triple-A, release RHP Blair
Mon May 2819:05Braves grateful Acuna's injuries not worse as he lands on DL
Mon May 2814:05Braves place Acuna on DL with mild ACL sprain, bruises
Mon May 2813:35Braves' Acuna sidelined with injury; Tucker starts in left
Mon May 2802:15LEADING OFF: Braves await word on Acuna, Verlander vs. Yanks
Sun May 2721:45LEADING OFF: Braves await word on Acuna, Verlander vs. Yanks
Sun May 2720:25Tanaka pitches Yankees past Angels 3-1
Sun May 2701:15Trout gets 5 hits as Angels beat Yankees 11-4
Sat May 2623:25Trout gets 5 hits as Angels beat Yankees 11-4
Sat May 2621:24Benintendi powers Red Sox past Braves 8-6
Sat May 2617:14Benintendi powers Red Sox past Braves 8-6
Sun May 2023:26Ohtani sparkles for Angels; Romo starts again for Rays
Sun May 2020:46Ohtani sparkles for Angels; Romo starts again for Rays
Thu May 1703:13LEADING OFF: Baby Braves face Lester, Cubs; Archer vs Angels
Thu May 1701:04Colon shakes off liner to stomach, Rangers beat Mariners 5-1
Wed May 1623:34LEADING OFF: Baby Braves face Lester, Cubs; Archer vs Angels
Wed May 1610:37Dodgers lose 5th straight against last-place team
Wed May 1603:27Dodgers lose 5th straight against last-place team
Wed May 1600:47Dodgers lose 5th straight against last-place team
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